DP-Master is a world leader
in the design and manufacture of Drill Pipe, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Drill Collars and Drill Stem Accessories
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Drill Collar

Drill collars are manufactured in sizes from 3 1/8” OD to 11” OD in accordance with API Spec 7-1 and NS-1 specifications. Drill Collars can also be supplied in our proprietary sour service material.

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Drill Pipe

DP-Master manufactures the complete range of API drill pipe products from 2 3/8” OD to 6 5/8” OD in Range 2 and Range 3 sizes up to 48 feet in length.

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Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

DP-Master manufactures heavy weight drill pipe from 2 7/8” OD to 6 5/8” OD in Range 2 and Range 3 lengths.

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Drill String Accessories

DP-Master offers pup joints and rotary subs to compliment the drill string. A complete range of drilling subs, floor subs and pump-in subs are manufactured in accordance with industry standard or client specific specifications.

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Sour Service Products

For H2S environments DP-Master has engineered several products for drill pipe, HWDP, Drill Collars and accessories. These range from the most critical service product, NACE tested SS-105 meeting the IRP 1.8 specification to our DPMCY-105 controlled yield & hardness products for less critical H2S service.

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The DS connection is a generic API double shoulder connection, which is widely used throughout the industry in extended reach drilling.

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The MT Master Torque connection was designed as a high perforamance rotary shouldered connection for use in very sever drilling operations.

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