DPM-FAQSeries Topic 11: Connection Inspection

August 26, 2021

DPM-FAQSeries Topic 11: Connection Inspection

It is important to inspect used connections in accordance with the field inspection procedures, field inspection drawings and used tool joint acceptance criteria. 

Important dimensions such as Pin and Box connection lengths, Pin Nose diameter and Box Counterbore diameter should be strictly adhered to. Any deviation from used tool joint acceptance criteria should call for refacing or recutting of the connection. Repairing of DPM proprietary connections should only be done by an approved licensee. Please contact DP-Master for a list of approved licensees near your location.

For API connections, please refer to API Recommended Practice 7G-2 (Recommended Practice for Inspection and Classification of Used Drill Stem Elements).

Below is a sample of a Field Inspection Drawing. Used tool joint acceptance criteria for DPM proprietary connections are available in the latest DS-1® Volume 3 and NS-2™ publications. For inspection companies inspecting DPM connections without access to these publications, please contact DP-Master.