Equipped with the most advanced manufacturing facility in the world covering 460,000 square meter, DP Master is unrivalled for producing the finest drill pipe products.

Our efficiency is further enhanced by being located only 3km away from the harbor and surrounded by some of the most modern highways in China.

To guarantee the high level of quality, we have built 130,000 square meter of unsurpassed modern factory buildings that house the following equipment:

DP-Master’s processes are designed to ensure the highest standards of manufacturing and product quality. All Tool Joint raw material from the supplier and Green Tubes are inspected and accepted according to the applicable receiving control specification. Every stage of the production processes is in strict accordance with our standard operating procedures and our strict internal audit program ensures compliance with all the relevant procedures and standards.

Drill Pipe
For Drill Pipe production, our standard operating procedures form the basis of the process control. The process for heat treatment of pipe bodies from quenching, tempering and straightening, to inspection is in compliance with API SPEC 5D, NS-1 or other relevant industry or customer specification.

The process for friction welding of drill pipes from end machining, friction welding and post-weld heat treatment, to bending tests and UT and MPI inspection satisfies the requirements of API, NS-1 or other relevant industry or customer specification.

DP-Master manufactures friction welded Heavy Weight Drill Pipe in accordance with API and other customer standards. Using AISI 4137 modified alloy steel for the tool joints and AISI 1340 tubes fully inspected in accordance with the specification. For customers that require NS-1 and other more advanced products DP-Master manufactures Integral HWDP using AISI 4137 modified alloy steel heat treated to the relevant standard.

Drill collars are manufactured by DP-Master, and feature high quality material AISI 4137 modified alloy steel, and induction heat treatment to meet the correct mechanical properties. All drill collar bars are inspected non-destructively using advanced ultra-sonic and magnetic particle inspection methods. Mechanical testing is carried out in accordance with the customer specification in our own Met-Lab

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