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DP – Master Sour Service Products

For H2S environments DP-Master has engineered several products for drill pipe, HWDP, Drill Collars and accessories.  These range from the most critical service product, NACE tested SS-105 meeting the IRP 1.8 specification to our DPMCY-105 controlled yield & hardness products for less critical H2S service.  HWDP, Drill Collars and accessories can be manufactured from our unique and proprietary DPM 110-SS grade, which can pass a NACE test at 65% of SMYS.



DP – Master MT Sour Service

Specially engineered using proprietary steel chemistries and state of the art quench & temper process to meet the stringent  requirements of IRP 1.8 specification for critical sour drilling

  • Designed for service in severe H2S environments
  • Excellent resistance to Sulphide Stress Cracking
  • Drill pipe body and tool joints tested in accordance to NACE TM-01-77 Method A
  • Superior resistance to H2S through carefully selected steel chemistries for tube and tool joint as well as highly controlled manufacturing processes





DP – Master MT Sour Service

Using the same raw materials and manufacturing process as SS-105 grade, the DPM-CY105 will meet the stringent mechanical properties of the IRP 1.8 specification without the NACE test

  • Features the same proprietary steel chemistries as used in the SS-105 grade
  • DPM-CY105 is suitable for severe H2S environments with excellent resistance to Sulphide Stress Cracking
  • Shorter manufacturing time than SS-105



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