DPM-EduSeries Topic 10: Hardbanding

June 16, 2021

DPM-EduSeries Topic 10: Hardbanding

Welcome to another post in our DPM-EduSeries! Today we will be looking at Hardbanding!

Hardbanding is a process in which a wear-resistant alloy is applied to the tool joint of a drill pipe to extend the service life and to reduce casing wear. When the tubulars rotate during drilling operations, this sacrificial layer, instead of the tool joint would be in contact with the casing or the formation. If there is no hardband, the outer diameter of the tool joints would be in contact with the casing or formation, causing wear on the tool joint outer diameter and casing. It is important to maintain the tool joint outer diameter for maximum torque. Hardband can also be applied on drill collars for the same purpose.

DP-Master is an approved applicator of the most commonly used brands of hardbanding available on the market in any configurations to suit the customer’s requirements. Smooth hardbanding can also be applied and they come with machined surface and bevels to reduce casing wear and damage to seals in Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) Rotating Heads.

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