Drill String Accessories

DP-Master offers pup joints and full range of rotary subs for all sizes of drilling string. These accessories are manufactured with the highest quality at standard dimensions and specifications. Specific configurations are also available upon request.


Pup Joints

DP-Master pup joints are available in 5’, 10’, 15’, 20’ and 31’ standard lengths. Integral pup joints are manufactured similar to the same stringent specifications used for drill collars.

5’ pup joints are manufactured integral whereas those lengths above 5’ can be manufactured as welded assemblies which are designed and manufactured in accordance to DP-Master drill pipes.

Special sizes pup joints are also available upon request.

Pup Joint


Rotary Subs

DP-Master rotary subs include;

  • Straight OD subs
  • Reduced section OD subs
  • Crossover subs
  • Bit Subs
  • Saver Subs
  • Side Entry Subs
  • Pump In Subs

The rotary subs are available in standard sizes specified in API and in a full range of connection combinations. Special sizes and configurations are available upon request.


Lift Subs and Lift Plugs

DP-Master offers lift subs and lift plugs from size 3-1/8’’ to 11’’ manufactured to the same specifications used for drill collars.

Quality and Manufacturing

All accessories except welded pup joints are manufactured from solid modified alloy steel bars similar to drill collars which are fully heat treated to the required chemistry and mechanical properties. The internal bore is trepanned with precision and machined to size with comprehensive quality control.

Features and Options

At request, connections can be cold rolled after machining and phosphate to reduce galling and corrosion.

In addition, fatigue strength can be improved by incorporating stress relief features on API pin and box connections. DP-Master high performance DPM-DS, DPM-MT®, DPM-ST® and DPM-HighTorque connections can be machined on accessories to ensure compatibility to drill string already using DPM-DS, DPM-MT®, DPM-ST® and DPM-HighTorque.