DPM-EduSeries Topic 6: Post Weld Heat Treatment

February 17, 2021

DPM-EduSeries Topic 6: Post Weld Heat Treatment

For our latest post in our DPM-EduSeries, we will be looking at Post Weld Heat Treatment!

Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) is required to reduce residual stress and enhance the material strength of the weld area. If PWHT is not done or done improperly, this could lead to weld failures. The processes involved in PWHT includes Annealing, Quenching and Tempering. After the PWHT is done, weld samples are cut to perform mechanical tests to ensure and verify that the PWHT is done properly and the required properties are met. The weld samples cut varies from 1 per 400 welds to 1 per 100 welds depending on the manufacturing standard specified by the customer.

Stay tuned to our next post in our DPM-EduSeries as we explain more about Mechanical Tests performed on the Drill Pipes!

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