Corporate Overview

DP-Master (DPM) is one of the largest drill pipe manufacturers in the world. The DPM manufacturing plant is located in Jiangyin, about a 2-hour drive from Shanghai. DPMS is headquartered in Singapore with Sales and Technical Support across four core geographic regions – Europe/Africa, Asia Pacific, Middle East & South America.

DP-Master attributes:

  • A market leader in the design and manufacturing of drill pipes meeting the highest industry accreditation standards.
  • An engineered and tested range of fit-for-purpose drill pipe connections to suit all drill string design requirements.
  • Drill pipe grades from high strength DPM-140 and DPM-150 to IRP DPM-SS grades and DPM-CY120N high strength sour service for deeper sour wells.
  • DJ Coating for IPC using Valspar Novalac Epoxy fusion bonded powder.
  • Quality is in our DNA and DPM is audited very frequently by our clients and accrediting bodies like NS-1, API and BV TH HILL.
  • Long-term relationships with clients.
  • DPM is managed by professionals with proven industry leadership.
Corporate Overview


DP-MASTER’s vision is to be number one on any client’s list of potential drill pipe suppliers because those clients know that DP-Master is a manufacturer with an excellent reputation for Quality, Service and Integrity.

Our Strategy has 4 cornerstones:

  • Stay focused on the clients’ needs & develop long-term relationships for growth
  • People and Teams are driving us forward
  • Quality permeates the organization
  • Management is hands on

Our Strategy

DP-Master’s strategic goals embraced by all employees are focused on the following key areas:

Enhanced Market Share

DP-Master continues to enhance the existing market as well as penetrating new markets through innovative technological products and customer focused operational excellence.

Collaborated Partnership

DP-Master works in close collaboration with drilling contractors and companies to ensure a strong relationship and excellent manufacturing and field support to our clients from any location in the world.

Premium Connection Technology

DP-Master is dedicated to engineer innovative and advanced solutions of cost effective and operational friendliness connections to meet ever challenging drilling environments.

Progressive Enhancement

DP-Master invests in advanced manufacturing systems and human capital to deliver highest product quality using most efficient and advanced processes.