DPM-EduSeries Topic 2: Heat Treatment

October 28, 2020

DPM-EduSeries Topic 2: Heat Treatment

Welcome to Topic 2 of our DPM-EduSeries! For today’s topic, we will be looking at Heat Treatment!

Heat treatment is the altering of the steel’s properties in order to achieve the required mechanical properties. The stages of our heat treatment processes are Austenizing, Quenching and Tempering. The upsetted tubes are loaded into the Austenizing oven and heated above the steel’s critical temperature. At this stage, the tube would have increased strength. The tube is then rapidly Quenched with water, which increases the hardness of the tube. The tube is then sent to the Tempering oven to reduce the excess hardness from Quenching and increase the toughness of the tube. After the pipes are cooled, the heat treatment process is complete and they are ready for full length EMI/UT inspection.

Stay tuned to our next post in our DPM-EduSeries as we explain more about full length EMI/UT inspection!

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