Management Team

Zheng Weiliang


As a group, DP-Master’s biggest break-through was achieved in the last 10 years when our international Head-Quarters was set up in Singapore.

Under the stewardship of Patrick Murphy, DP-Master Group is now considered a world class drill pipe manufacturer.  This is due partly to having a product portfolio to meet the requirements of today’s drilling challenges whether it is Extended Reach Drilling, Deep Sour Gas Wells or Deep-Water Landing Strings.  It is also due to the commitment of our Quality, Engineering & Manufacturing teams ensuring the manufacturing facility meets the standards of our international clients.

Our group strategy remains to expand our DP-Master brand name internationally as we look into new markets and collaborate with overseas partners in new technology projects. 

2020 has been extremely challenging for the oil and gas industry. DP-Master is inevitably affected.  However, we assure all stakeholders that DP-Master remains strong financially. Being a privately owned company, we are agile which gives us the advantage to stay cost effective and compete successfully for orders while always maintaining our quality.

Patrick Murphy


DP-Master Singapore (DPMS) was established over 10 years ago with the vision of becoming a major supplier of Drill Strings to the international market.  That ambition has been achieved and today DPMS is a global leader in the design and manufacture of drill strings.  DPMS offers the market fit for purpose drill pipe connections such as DPM-DS, DPM-MT® and DPM-ST® to fit all sizes and grades of drill pipe.  In addition, we continuously engage in the design and manufacture of custom drill pipe connections for special applications.

The DPMS Sour Service offering covers a wide range H2S resistant pipe and tool joints.  Our newest grade DPM-CY120N is a fully NACE tested 120 KSI Yield Strength tube which can be used to drill deeper, sour wells.  It has the option of having NACE tested tool joints or standard 120 KSI tool joint material.  Several DPM-CY120N strings are working successfully offshore Abu Dhabi with custom designed connections for long ERD wells.

DPMS has engineered heavy wall Landing Strings capable for deep-water drilling applications with high strength grades DPM-140 and DPM-150.  Our 6 5/8” OD and 5 7/8” OD landing strings have been deployed successfully in the Deep-Water basins globally.

DPMS is also a manufacturing partner in the Reelwell DualLink wired drill pipe project .  We have already delivered some wired strings which have been used in trials and pilot wells.  DualLink is a hard-wired standard delivering high-speed telemetry and power to open up a whole world of possibilities for the next generation drilling system.

Technical Support is a critical function to ensure the client always has the required technical data at hand especially as we expand into new markets.  This can be at the drill string design stage, care and handling educational seminars and licensing of qualified machine shops to repair and manufacture accessories in the field location.  Our technical support staff are qualified engineers with additional training in NS-1™ and DS-1® Drill String design and inspection as well as auditing. 

My partners and I are extremely proud of what DPMS has achieved in the past 10 years.  We have been extremely fortunate to have a highly competent team of Region Managers, Technical Support, Commercial Sales & Admin Support Services who are dedicated and hard working. 

In this time of Covid-19, DPMS has implemented a strategy of tight budgetary controls and cost reduction throughout our supply chain.  Our goal is to keep our key personnel in place for the upturn in activity and to preserve cash through the downturn.  DPMS is pleased to assure our stakeholders, including customers and suppliers, that we are in a very healthy financial position with a strong balance sheet and almost zero debt.

Prior to COVID-19, DP-Master had a major capital expenditure plan in progress.  The group has strategically decided to move ahead with these projects to automate manufacturing processes and install the most advanced tube UT system.  We are investing to ensure that our quality and efficiency will drive DPMS to more success when the market recovers. It is also a necessary step, as the industry consolidates, and every manufacturer must become more competitive to remain viable.