Quality is at the forefront of everything we do at DP-Master. Due to the close collaboration we have with many clients around the world, DP-Master understands that quality is a priority and failure is not an option. The DP-Master management continually strives to ensure that quality is always our key focus. Quality objectives are incorporated into management and employee goals and company targets. DP-Master ensures that quality is built into our products from the raw material stage and through each step of the manufacturing process. We do not simply rely on inspections to ensure quality products.

In addition to industry standard approvals like API, ISO and NS-1, many of our clients perform their own annual or random quality audits thereby ensuring that DP-Master is always thoroughly Quality-Focused.

Maintaining excellence Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance is an emerging key factor in DP-Master business model. It is vital and integral elements that influence the routine day-to-day running of business and operations essential to quality and long term success.

It is the policy of DP-Master that all company business, management and operational activities safeguard the health and safety of the company employees, customers and subcontractors. While every individual staff of DP-Master spares no effort to achieve safety excellence, the management accepts the responsibility to emphasise on the importance of personal and collective accountability in safety and empower the workforce regardless of their designation to intervene and mitigate hazards inherent in the work environment and processes.

As a responsible organisation, DP-Master believes in taking the initiative to run the business and operations with a clear focus on protecting the environment which we live and work in. DP-Master has taken all the steps necessary to progress towards achieving more environmental-friendly outcomes.

DP-Master adopts HSE through compliance with all provision of applicable regulations and industry code of practice. It is a conscious and coordinated organisation-wide effort targeting towards the global standards of ISO 14001 for environment management and OHSAS 18001 for safety management.