DPM-FAQSeries Topic 7: What is Category 3 or Category 5 Inspection?

March 31, 2021

DPM-FAQSeries Topic 7: What is Category 3 or Category 5 Inspection?

Standard DS-1® Volume 3 provides inspection methods and acceptance criteria for used components such as drill pipe, drill collars, HWDP and subs etc.  The customer may select any applicable set of methods to customise a suitable inspection programme depending on the risks of the application or select from one of the six service categories established in DS-1® Volume 3. The most commonly requested categories are Category 3 and Category 5.

Category 3: Designed for mid-range drilling conditions where a standard inspection programme is justified. If a failure occurs, the risk of significant fishing cost or losing part of the hole is minimal.

Category 5: Applies to severe drilling conditions. Several factors combine to make the cost of a possible failure very high.

Higher category service levels have additional inspections to be carried out. The table below shows an example of the inspections performed on used drill pipes between Category 3 and Category 5.

The Standard DS-1® Volume 3 inspection for used drill stem components should not be confused with the Standard DS-1® Volume 1 manufacturing standard which only has Standard or Critical level.

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