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DP – Master MT Connections

pic10The MT Master Torque connection was designed as a high performance rotary shouldered connection for use in very severe drilling operations.

A well engineered design which evolved from original DPM-DS connection enhanced the mechanical capabilities while still retaining the principle of cost efficiencies in DPM-MT connection.

Thanks to increased torsional strength, the DPM-MT connection delivers superior performance in Extended Reach Drilling (ERD), High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and Ultra Deep Drilling.



Designed for most challenging drilling operation while maintaining the ease of use and repair economics


- API taper and thread form to allow easy and quick make-up

- Double shoulder design provides additional strength to sustain higher make-up torque

- Added steel at critical areas for increased torsional strength

- Robust yet simple design for operator friendliness and economical over the life cycle

- Cost effectiveness through minimum tool joint re-cut loss, lesser stabling damages and readily available cutting tools in the market



DPM-MT connections were subjected to stringent engineering, quality reviews and tests by independent industry recognised agencies to ensure of its highest performance at all levels.

pic6- Substantial increase in torsional strength for high torque applications without significant difference in fatigue performance when compared with equivalent single shoulder connection.

- Tool joint OD / ID streamlined for optimum hydraulic efficiency and fishing ability without compromising torsional capacity

- Smooth internal bore across secondary make-up shoulder to allow smoother fluid flows with minimized turbulence and energy loss inside the connection

- Longer service life due to less stabbing damages and minimum tool joint re-cut loss

- Running speed similar to API connections to save valuable rig time through API taper allowing deeper stabbing and no cumbersome alignment tools needed at stabbing or spinning.


DPM-MT connection is currently available in drill pipe sizes from OD 2-3/8’’ to 6-5/8’’. Other sizes are available upon request. The connection is also available in a wide range of steel grades including sour service and high strength.



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