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DP – Master Drill Pipe

DP-Master manufactures the complete range of API drill pipe products from 2 3/8” OD to 6 5/8” OD in Range 2 and Range 3 sizes up to 48 feet in length.  In addition to standard API 5DP specifications, DP-Master also manufactures drill pipe in accordance with the following industry specifications:

  • NS-1
  • IRP 1.8 Sour Service
  • Customer Specific Specifications






DP-Master drill pipes are designed with long and smooth transition from upset to tube body to reduce the stress concentrations due to the transition from the upset ID to the drill pipe ID.



All drill pipe and tool joints are manufactured in our modern and technologically advanced manufacturing facility at DP-Master. Each tool joint is forged, machined, processed, inspected and tested by qualified operators to ensure the quality meets or exceed API specifications and customer’s requirements.


drill_pipe3The Pipe Body and Tool Joint are joined together by friction welding.  Each heat affected zone is quenched and tempered using our post weld heat treatment system to ensure a strong, tough and uniform weld zone.

100% of all friction welds are inspected by UT & MPI and hardness readings are taken across the heat affected zone.   The friction weld area both internal and external are ground and sanded to a smooth finish to ensure these critical areas are free of stress risers.


Features + Options

In addition to the standard manufacturing processes where customer required, DP-Master is able to perform hardbanding, internal coating, thread cold roll and make & break to the highest quality standard.

Tool Joint Make & Break

  • Factory make & break performed in controlled procedure ensure product consistency.  This help to save valuable rig time and cost while reducing risk of mishandling incident and rig downtime.

Surface Protection

  • Phosphate coating are applied to all threads and seal shoulders of connections to improve anti galling and corrosion.
  • DP-Master can supply internal plastic coating according to customer requirements. The coating forms a protective layer in the pipe ID to prevent corrosion and thus extend the life span of the pipe in the drilling environment.

Enhanced Fatigue Resistance

  • Cold rolling of thread roots has demonstrated the beneficial effects to improve fatigue resistance of the connections by minimizing crack initiation.

High Performance Rotary Shoulder Connection

  • DP-Master offers its DPM-DS and DPM-MT series double shoulder connections which outperform conventional API connections to meet the needs of deep, extended and challenging wells with greater torsional capacities.

Increase Drill Pipe Life

  • Hardbanding on the tool joint or wear pad extends the service life of drill pipe. It can be applied in several configurations to suit clients’ requirements. Hardbanding is applied under closely controlled conditions resulting in a uniform, low porosity, wear resistant surface.

DP-Master is authorised to apply market proven hardbanding products including ARNCO 100XT / 300XT, Tuboscope TCS8000 / TCSTI, Duraband NC, Tuffband NC and Castolin OTW 12.

  • Extra length tool joints can be incorporated into DP-Master drill pipe to increase tong space to provide several recut to the connections.

Mechanical Properties

DP-Master has selected specially engineered metallurgy for its tool joints and tubes.  Tool Joints are manufactured from AISI 4137H steel with increased hardenability giving a very uniform microstructure and excellent mechanical properties through the cross section of the tool joint.

All DP-Master Tubes are produced according to DP-Master’s chemistry.  The tubes are then Austenitized, Quenched and Tempered in DP-Master’s own Heat Treatment plant. All mechanical testing is carried out in our own laboratory on site.


DP-Master Drill Pipe Grades Table


High-Strength Steel Grades

DPM high-strength steel grades DPM-140 and DPM-150 are specially designed material grades to be used for applications that require higher strength in extreme drilling environments.

The high-strength steel grades are engineered with special chemistries and highly controlled manufacturing processes.  These material can be manufactured to API standard sizes as well as customized configurations to meet different customer requirements.



  • Engineered and tested for exceptional performance
  • Strictly controlled manufacturing processes
  • Substantial increase in tensile and torsional strengths
  • Improved fatigue resistance
  • Customisable configurations





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